342 // Jocan Dekä

Nantes-based Jocan Dekä prepared an eclectic and refreshing selection that will put a big smile on your face!

Mexico City-born, Joze Arce aka Jocan Dekä (1985) is a DJ/Producer with more than 15 years of experience in the local underground scene, becoming one of the most versatile DJs of his generation. Since the beginning of his career, he learned how to break down the preconceptions and patterns used by conventional DJs, always trying to create mixes that can be differentiated from others on the stage.

He has established House & Techno roots, but his vast influences allow him to flirt with a wide range of genres such as Downtempo, Ambient, Electronica, Lo-Fi, and even Funk, Nu Disco, Afro, also reaching Bass Music, Footwork, Drum & Bass and ending up with Experimental music. His great skills for combining genres and expertise on how to mix them all together have defined his work, allowing him to play in most of the emblematic clubs within the underground electronic music scene throughout the country as well as in Mexico City’s signature club scene.

2014 was a breakthrough year for a bright future; he was chosen to be a part of Boiler Room’s Ballantine’s Journeys #StayTrue in Mexico City, a global event hosted in the most representative cities regarding the world’s electronic scene. Also, during this year, he was awarded in the category of Best Techno DJ in the DJ World Music Conference, an event that takes place in the Mexican capital city.

In 2016, he became part of the SUNDANCE movement, a project that is leading the DJing world to the next level, both physical and spiritual, influenced by the #EcstaticDance movement. This idea originated in Hawaii & Portland, quickly expanding across the Globe, creating a new Yogi scene from the Dancing Music point of view.

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