346 // Alena Vox

Save the name! Alena Vox has been slowly but steadily paving her way to stardom!

Alena Vox is the artistic alter-ego of Alejandra Contreras, a young and rising DJ from CDMX, whose sonority is mainly based on the experimentation of combining as many a genre as possible. Expect a seamless concoction of House, Afrohouse, Dance, Indie Dance, Italo, Dark Disco, Techno, and whatnot, in her constant search for an innovative sound with a cosmic essence and flashes of spatial, modular, and arpeggiated layers.

A resident of Xakhali and part of the Veneno roster, Alena Vox is restless when it comes to looking for the right sound pieces that can merge and complement the intense experience through which she transmits a unique message for each situation, especially on the dance floor.

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