371 // MARGO

For the fans of high-quality House Music out there, MARGO prepared a stunning selection for your (and our) delight.

With her Serbian background, multicultural upbringing, and influences from all sides of the music spectrum, this Hamburg-based DJ and aspiring producer offers precision and quality on the dance floor. Her rigorously curated tracks, cheeky groove, and strong, memorable vocals deliver a special genre blend that is hard to replicate.

For MARGO, one thing is clear: Dancing should be fun and careless, energizing, and sometimes bold just for the fun of it. It’s all about empowerment on the dance floor – whoever you are, wherever you come from.

Apart from her DJ performances, MARGO invests her time in INTERFERENZ, a non-profit community project within the Hamburg House & Techno scene.

With their 3 core principles – Connect, Learn, Collaborate – INTERFERENZ connects DJs, producers, bookers, designers, filmmakers, and other creatives. The goal is to bring back the joy of multicultural, intellectual exchange and collaboration. The events are organized in a safe space and completely free of charge.

Newcomers and professionals in their respective fields are invited to mingle and create memories, which otherwise would never have come about via email, dance floor, or backstage.

The message: Hang the social media pressure and hustle culture at the door – let’s create.

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