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375 // Franz Matthews

We proudly welcome the one & only Franz Matthews to our mixtape series. Savour the moment!

Based out of Berlin, the Franco-German producer, DJ & multi-instrumentalist always keeps one hand in the Indie Dance and Post-Disco world, while the other one is wandering in more psychedelic, cosmic and spiritual realms, blended with sonic influences gathered from his numerous travels around the world. A winning combination that’s seen him release music on imprints such as Eskimo Recordings, Heimlich Music, and Playground Records, as well as on his own label HIFI/LOFI Records, while collaborating with some of the greatest minds in electronic music today, including Aera, Chaim, Local Suicide, The Organism…

After developing his musical skills by learning classical piano and becoming a dedicated guitar player during his youth, which he perfected studying Jazz while he spent some time in the US at the turn of the millennium, Matthews fell in love with bands such as LCD Soundsystem and Soulwax, blending the energy of rock and electronic music together, and went on to create his first Indie Dance band “Parlez-Vous Anglais?” during his Paris years at the beginning of the 2010s. At that time, he spent countless hours in the historical Studios de La Seine perfecting his producing and mixing skills. When he settled in his still current home in Berlin in 2013, he started being involved in several other music projects (Languages, Moon Wave), while composing music for advertising and films through his MOWD Music Production Studio. In the meantime, the producer kept on honing his love for electronic music by giving special attention to his own Franz Matthews endeavours. In 2018, when he made a strong first appearance on the electronic music map by bringing out a chart-topping remix for Aisha Badru (now counting over 4 million plays on Spotify), and keeps on releasing appraised and cutting-edge electronic music since then.

Either at home behind the DJ decks, or live on stage where Matthews likes to combine electronic instruments while rocking his bass guitar, his heady and danceful magic brought him to play at numerous places around the world such as Château Perché Festival, Kater Blau, Sisyphos, all around Mexico, and at the legendary Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg. And, as Matthews likes to wear many hats, Matthews is also a resident DJ at the famous French radio Tsugi, where he regularly invites the top of the crop of the musical landscape he’s evolving in.

If there ought to be a messenger bringing together the worlds of Indie Dance and Spirituality, we might just have found our guy.

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