377 // Goldie Palm

We leave for our holidays with a big smile on the face. The reason: This outstanding mix Goldie Palm made for our delight! Enjoy! 🍹

Goldie Palm has always been a big fan of music in all forms – listening, collecting, and even singing. In 2019 she started mixing tracks just for fun and quickly became pretty passionate about it.

Since November 2020 she’s been hosting a bi-monthly radio show called Palm Paradise, which is broadcasted by RBL Berlin. She chose Leipzig as new home base about two years ago and shortly after became a member of Vacanza Leipzig e.V, where she is mainly contributing to social media, artist care at events, and in the organization of a podcast series.

In her sets and on the dance floor, she serves all the feels, ranging from sweet to powerful House Music up to Indie Dance, Synthwave, and Hi-NRG tunes. Traveling through the genres of electronic music is an essential part of the journey.

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