389 // Plexi Glass

After debuting on our platform with a stunning Italo Disco beast for our FREEDL series, the French duo Plexi Glass delivers now a taste of what they can do on a dance floor.

Plexi Glass was formed when the Italo sounds of Blaise Balda (Nathan) met the synthesizers of Hutt (Étienne). It wasn’t long before they discovered a shared desire to combine today’s percussion with yesterday’s synthesizers. This blend gave birth to their universe, somewhere between Italo Body Music, EBM, and Trance. After several tracks and remixes released on Mélopée and Ulla Records, Plexi Glass recently released their first EP “Echoes From Space”, reflecting their different influences. Today, their productions are becoming more refined, the sounds are progressing, and the style is constantly evolving. Plexi Glass offers the result of percussive drums, rumbling bass, and euphoric synths, an Italo-Trance mix destined for dance floor nights, which is what gives them the pleasure of creating and, above all, sharing.

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