395 // Laure

Let's go Techno, shall we? Laure, ladies & gentlemen!

Laure, DJ and producer, is a rising talent in the Parisian techno scene. With her fast-paced, emotionally driven and hard-hitting Techno sound, she never fails to captivate audiences.

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey as Laure’s sets take you from minimalist beats to spleen-inducing techno vibes.

Having graced respected venues throughout France, including Slalom, Bistrot de St So, and Movida Club, Laure is steadily building her reputation. She has shared stages with renowned artists such as Airod, ABSL, Lessss, Lulu, and Less Distress, further solidifying her promising potential.

But that’s not all, Laure is also a talented producer, already boasting two EPs under her belt. Her distinctive style weaves melancholic undertones with cerebral intricacies. Keep a close eye on this promising artist as she continues to shape her musical journey. The future looks bright for Laure!

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