397 // FLAX

This organic and electronic experimental mix by German artist FLAX is all you need today.

FLAX is a German DJ, sound and concept artist, initially trained as a professional saxophonist. Her foray into DJing began with the founding of the network METAWARE Weimar in 2019. Alongside these diverse roles, FLAX developed as DJ a genre-fluid style, blending UK bass, experimental breaks, ambient and jazzy electro enriched with hip-hop samples.

During her musicology studies, she focused on the fields “music and well-being” and the history of electronic music, particularly in the context of “music & gender” in club culture. This academic journey inspired FLAX to explore fluid mixing and experimenting with ambient, sound art, and deep listening tracks under the same alias, reflecting a response to the societal pace.

Her progression into music production started with sampling orchestra pieces – analogue – and evolved this influence into a solo project – digital – with a collage-style approach, incorporating electro-acoustic sounds, field recordings, and other ideas. This evolution is strongly influenced by her DJ journey, creating a unique fusion of multiple genres. Currently, FLAX is working on her debut album project, processing and weaving together her diverse musical experiences.

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