019 // Braulio Renteria – Advertencia (Ludviq Remix)

In the week we celebrate our 1st anniversary, we start our musical journey with a powerful premiere: After debuting as a producer on Sinchi Collective, Braulio Renteria Music is back! His next release on the Mexican Bonkers Records brings a very (very, very) dark remix by Ludviq, the label boss himself.

Darkness, “the polar opposite of brightness, is understood as a lack of illumination or an absence of visible light. Human vision is unable to distinguish colour in conditions of either high brightness or high darkness. In conditions with insufficient light levels, colour perception ranges from achromatic to ultimately black. The emotional response to darkness has generated metaphorical usages of the term in many cultures”. And when it comes to music, dark vibes, like the new work of Braulio Renteria, create an intense and deep experience, forged with ominous pads, grisly FXs, grim synth lines and macabre percussions.

This is the third time the young and promising Mexican DJ and producer “Braulitro” appears on our platform: First with the review of his debut as a producer released on the impressive project Sinchi Collective; second with a powerful and exclusive mixtape in which he allowed us to take a small peek into the universe of his many music influences (SXDNS120). This time, he partners up with another Mexican talent: Luis Fernando Hernandez aka Ludviq, who contributed with an outstanding (and, yes, obscure) remix for the title track Advertencia and is also the founder of Bonkers Records, a label focused on sharing the work of the next generation of producers not only from Mexico but also the world.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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