088 // Renuna – Quevosqueyo (Lucare Remix)

Argentina has a new label and we have the privilege of premiering its debut release: Logia Records kicks off with the duo Renuna remixed by Lucare - and it's massive!

We introduce you Logia Records, a newcomer underground label from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It started as a party series, then it became a collective of artists, focused not only on music but also on visual arts. For their debut release, label bosses Cali Burton and Tots come dressed as a duo: Renuna is the result of the chemistry that exists between the Argentinian artists since they met in 2018 and through which both express the intersections of their sonority – both DJing and producing –, focusing in dark basses, space sounds and powerful kicks. “Quevosqueyo” brings two essential remixes provided by Ricardo Ruben (SXDNS103) and Lucare (SXDNS175). We chose the version by the latter to review, and we can honestly say: What a bomb, ladies and gentlemen!

Hermano Lucare, whose previous “Asfalto EP” (from which we had the privilege of premiering the remix by Diaz Tech) on NUFF MUSIC was extremely well received amid the Dark Disco/Indie Dance community, explored his Starfleet Commander experience to deliver an impeccable interpretation for this beautiful debut of the promising Argentinian imprint. The pulsating bassline and the groovy synth riffs paired perfectly with the cosmic-influenced FXs and the zero-gravity-induced pads. Kudos!

You will soon find this and forthcoming music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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