090 // Disco Mortale – Acid Funk Planet

Disco Mortale aka Daniel Monaco debuts on the insightful Lithuanian label Electric Shapes with a proper acid BOMB!

Vilnius-based label Electric Shapes is back on our platform and this time featuring an interesting 8-track compilation gathering a multi-genre top-notch selection of international artists: Tassilo Vanhöfen, Jokios Kultūros, WLDV, Disco Mortale, Radial Gaze, Feller (SXDNS162), Wounded Planet and Konsistent form the team brought together for the EP. From Balearic and Downtempo to Cosmic Disco and Indie Dance, the release managed to amass competently an enthralling combination of styles devoted to bringing pure delight to our ears and feet.

The track we chose to premiere is a BOMB! Disco Mortale is the new alter ego of Daniel Monaco (SXDNS137/FREEDL006). The name was born due to the many releases under the moniker Daniel Monaco and the need of separating his Italo, Tropical, Dark Cosmic productions from something which can be described as obscure and acid, more EBM & New Beat-influenced.

For “Unreleased Territory”, Daniel… erm… sorry… Disco Mortale provided “Acid Funk Planet”, a weapon of mass destruction full of acid and distortions that proves the necessity of creating a new alias to share such a different theme from what we had been used to when it comes to his previous works. And according to the man himself, “Mr Mortale will deliver only groovy obscurity with sharp basslines & drums intended to bringing chaos to the dance floor. The name speaks by itself. Expect more releases and remixes to come during this Summer, Fall and Winter 2020.”

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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