092 // REES – Dorman Long

Another great release by REES, this time on the British label Zone Focus!

Taking us on a journey of neo-nostalgia, Northern UK artist REES lands on the English label Zone Focus with an essential four-track EP. Over the past year, he has taken steps in sculpting his own distinct Italo-Disco-esque style, taking influences from both his eclectic record collection and extensive touring experiences. The “Panoramic Love” EP is the culmination of these influences, making a nod to the 80s with a heavy focus on synths and drum workouts. “This was an entertaining EP to make, the majority was me sitting down in my studio hitting record and jamming until something sat right. There wasn’t a huge amount of gear involved, just an Arturia Keylab MIDI keyboard, my VSTs and the occasional Roland TR-8”, said REES.

“Dorman Long”, the track we were given to premiere, delights listeners with bright synth leads and a groovy bassline, perfect for sun-drenched days. It pairs perfectly with a caipirinha (yes, we tried). With its retrofuture/Italo Disco-ish aura, the theme is, in our opinion, the banger of the EP. Kudos to both REES and Zone Focus for this great release.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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