104 // 3 Fantasmas – Cumbia Vil (Original Mix)

Argentinian producers Lucare & Mariano Cirone joined forces to launch the 3 Fantasmas project. We had the pleasure of reviewing one of the tracks from their debut release.

We have the pleasure of premiering one of the tracks from the debut release of the 3 Fantasmas, the bizarre side of producers Luciano Carestia (aka Lucare/SXDNS175) and Mariano Cirone, two Argentinians lost in the beautiful city of Oaxaca, Mexico. The project is the result of a number of rehearsals and experimentations with new sounds, navigating amidst beer, coconuts and random repetitions.

“Espíritu Maya Mi”, the first EP of the duo, is the result of a year or so of collaborations after the reunion of the two hermanos. They began promoting parties in Oaxaca with the intention of exploring the nightlife of their new and enigmatic home. And influenced by their new surroundings, the 3F emerged as a proposal that invites you to dance freely and without prejudice. With a peculiar aesthetic and a lot of ironic humour, hints of madness, colours, cumbia, and plenty of synthesizers, the project is devoted to bringing some spicy chaos during their live-set bashes.

“Cumbia Vil”, the track we chose to review, summarizes the real essence of the project. Despite its downtempo/Balearic mood, the intensity of the theme is mammoth, and the intended weirdness is there. The eerie FXs, the offbeat percussion and the whimsical lyrics (pasted below so that you can sing along, by the way) give you the big picture of the soul meant by the lads.

Traigo un ritmo nuevo,
viene desde lejos.

Lo vengo bailando,
lo estás escuando.

Es la cumbia vil!

Y si me desvelo,
es por tu veneno.

Te vengo esquivando,
me estás atrapando.

Es la cumbia vil!

You can find (and buy) this and, in the future, other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the project.

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