132 // Jake De Glanville Feat. Jeremy Ansbro – Hey Boy

For the fourth - but not last - premiere of our busy anniversary week, we have a beautiful synthpop song from the next release of British producer Jake de Glanville on Soviett Records.

We have the pleasure of premiering a track from the forthcoming release of skilled and promising British producer Jake de Glanville. His previous works were released on ICI International Rhythm and Soviett Records, a Saint Petersburg-based Russian music label, on which Jake is back with “Hey Boy”. This single sees him pairing up with long-time friend Jeremy Ansbro in an attempt to fashion up a modern-80s classic. Jeremy’s vocals are wedded nicely with an assortment of tight and punchy synth lines. The EP brings an ambient and a dub mix on the B-side which work in perfect harmony with the main single providing a subtle balance to the title track. The remix service was delivered with love by REES and DJ Nervous.

We chose the original to review, and it’s a beauty, peeps! A harmonic and melodic synthpop song with emotive synth layers mated perfectly with a graceful rhythmic percussion and joyful broken beats. The vocals, no need to say (but yeah, we are going to say anyway) are magnificent! No, “Hey Boy” is not a dance floor-oriented tune. Its goal is to trigger different reactions and sensations on our body receptors. It’s a track to sit, relax, pour a glass of wine, and simply savour the moment.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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