163 // Colossio & Cabizbajo – Rapto

The forthcoming release of the vital Italian label Nothing Is Real, curated by Modular Project, was made with love in Mexico. We had the privilege of reviewing Colossio & Cabizbajo's contribution. Wicked!

For its forthcoming release, the Italian label Nothing Is Real, curated by the respected and acclaimed duo Modular Project (SXDNS136), gathered an absurd team of new Mexican talents. “Nothing Is Real Vol. 3 – Made In Mexico” features five intricate tracks developed by the ingenious minds of eight rising Latin artists: Mufti and Tapia, flying solo, Montessori feat. Gael Gael, Javier Martinez (SXDNS104) & Ulises Arrieta (SXDNS193), and Colossio (SXDNS025) & Cabizbajo, working in pairs. All of them debuting with the right foot on the Italian imprint.

For the track we selected to premiere, Colossio & Cabizbajo explore their techno and electro influences and delivered a rather different theme from their previous works. On “Rapto”, the lads created something beautifully spooky out of futuristic FXs and creative sonic manipulations that float above a gloriously resonant synth bass. Taking subtle cues from both Vangelis and vaporwave, this hellish tune is an impressive demonstration of how far the Nothing Is Real sonority can reach. We have a bomb release here, peeps!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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