176 // Skelesys – Do It Again

BOMBASTIC compilation of Eliezer & Niv Ast's label New Day Everyday! We reviewed Skelesys' contribution. It's a beauty!

If only there was a label curated by Niv Ast & Eliezer. Oh, wait, there is: New Day Everyday is the name of the imprint managed by the acclaimed Israeli artists. They finally kick off the year of their project delivering a bombastic compilation – the first of its kind – devoted to bringing forward the roots and the essence of their musical sphere.

Close friends and favourite artists from all over the world were brought together and solicited to provide this “craving for the dancefloor” mood for the release: Sebastian Tex, Astroloop, Thomass Jackson, Gionist & Turgi, Zillas On Acid, Skelesys, and Niv Ast & Eliezer themselves make up the dream team.

Our hermano Skelesys, just like everybody else, is eager to “Do It Again”. His contribution to the compilation is definitely something we need to dance to on a packed dancefloor. The spirited bassline, the hazy synth pads, and the vocal hook are the most striking features of his beautiful piece of work.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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