230 // Orchid – Bulgarian Caves (Connor Remix)

Featuring remixes by Leonor, Günce Acı, Balam, and Connor, young Russian producer Orchid's forthcoming release on ESTHÉTIQUE is a must-have!

After featuring none other than Silicodisco, Javier Busto, and Ivan De La Rouch in its 2021 releases, ESTHÉTIQUE breaks the strain of acclaimed Spanish virtuosos to open its doors for a Russian artist: Moscow-based Dark Magic & Disco conjurer Orchid defines himself as a retro sound producer. Despite the young age, the skilled newcomer has a thing for the sonority of the past, especially for the 80s and 90s golden era, skilfully wrapping it in an Oriental, Eastern, and Turkish atmosphere. The result is an interesting concoction of soundscapes that now lands on the respected French label with a must-have EP.

Orchid’s “Kushtanesh” delivers four crusty originals and four consequential remixes made with love by a true dream team of stars: Leonor (SXDNS034), Balam (SXDNS048), Günce Aci (SXDNS129), and Connor. We chose the latter’s version to premiere/review, and it’s a paragon, peeps!

“Connor is one of the hottest exports from Belgium” (44,100hz Social Club), having already appeared in many vital Indie Dance/Dark Disco imprints, such as Nein, Maleante, Dogs & Vultures, Roam, Logical, Controlla, Emerald & Doreen, HEARec, and ESTHÉTIQUE itself, just to name a few.

For his interpretation of “Bulgarian Caves”, the Liège-based hero kept the aforementioned Oriental, Eastern, and Turkish atmosphere, characteristic of Orchid’s pieces, but immersed it in a more minimalistic aura, acquiring an effective obscure but Summerish interpretation. Kudos!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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