232 // Bernardo Pinheiro – Run Free (Carrot Green Spacefunk Dub)

Groovy premiere alert: Bernardo Pinheiro remixed by Carrot Green on Cocada Music! Solta o som!

It is always a pleasure to review a track from a friend, especially when this friend is someone you know for almost 20 years: Bernardo Pinheiro, back in the days in our hometown, Belém do Pará, used to make a then beardless young dinosaur dance like a maniac with his classy samba-infused Drum N’ Bass DJ sets, but now, featuring a different sonority, we can lose ourselves to dance to something less chaotic and turbulent, more suitable to our current age.

Over the years, Bernardo finally decided to use his long-held Brazilian Funk & Boogie influences to evolve as a multifaceted and versatile artist, establishing himself as the most influential name in the Nu Disco scene in the North of the country. The national (and at a certain point international) fame came when his works were released on the mighty label Barefoot Beats.

For his debut on the interesting Cocada Music, Bernardo delivers a high-quality single called “Run Free” in which he showcases the absurd evolution he has experienced as a producer, skilfully bringing together a part of his affluent music background and blending Tim Maia with Azymuth, Marcos Valle, and Lincoln Olivetti in order to provide something with, yes, an old school aura, but extremely fresh and invigorating.

The Original and Disco Mixes come accompanied by a stunning remix made with love by Rio de Janeiro-based Carrot Green. His Spacefunk Dub interpretation covers “Run Free” with a layer of cosmic elements as if Daniele Baldelli were buoyantly flirting with the concoction of Samba and Stardust, and the result is a slower but highly danceable piece. For the fans of modern Rare Grooves out there, this is a must-have, peeps!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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