278 // Introverso – Asesino (Original Mix)

Young and promising Mexican producer Introverso makes his debut on Espacio Cielo with a pure Dark Disco EP plus JGR & Cannibal Coconuts on the remix duties.

After a string of hot cuts featuring seasoned and acclaimed artists such as Xacome (SXDNS154), Silicodisco, Adrian Marth (SXDNS188), Colossio (SXDNS025), Juan To Tree, Theus Mago (SXDNS056), and Zombies In Miami, Espacio Cielo opens its doors to a new Mexican talent: Introverso lands on the vital Spanish label with a mortal and bloody release. In his “Cadaver” EP, the young and promising Léon-based producer shows his Dark Disco influences through two well-constructed originals in which he skilfully combines lots of arpeggios with tons of warm synths. On the remix duties, JGR and Cannibal Coconuts.

With a sonority defined as futuristic and rich in acid textures filled with retro tints, electric guitar riffs, and clubbing basses, Introverso seizes his debut on an important European imprint to showcase his competent producing skills. His “Asesino”, premiered here, delivers a vibrant atmosphere built on frantic arpeggiated synth layers, a sturdy bassline, and a beautiful acid lead. The kid seems to know what he is doing, doesn’t he? Looking forward to checking his future endeavours.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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