299 // Ruksby – Infierno (DanceMilk Dance Remix)

We reviewed DanceMilkDance's remix for Ruksby's debut on Veneno.

Alexander Klygin aka Ruksby (SXDNS256) is a young and skilled Russian producer. Veneno is a dangerous and lethal Mexican label. They have just recently met each other on the Internet, and now they have a malevolent and evil baby together: “Infierno” is the name, a hot and acid single that will come along with four powerful remixes made with love by 9claws, DanceMilkDance, Gegen Mann (SXDNS220/FREEDL031), and Orchid (FREEDL041).

Ruksby’s rich and versatile sonority – defined as a fusion of obscure waves with an electric atmosphere – has been drawing attention amid the Dark Disco community since his debut on Moleskine Records in 2020. His ability to seamlessly combine his many an influence at such a young age is definitely something. NEIN, U’re Guay, HEARec, and Emerald & Doreen are just a few of the imprints through which he showcased his works.

Premiered here, the remix of another representative of the Russian next generation of underground electronic music artists: Ilya Mitin aka DanceMilkDance is a one-man band: The kid is a sound producer, mixing engineer, DJ, and guitarist! Phew! He successfully put into practice his various dexterities to provide an intense interpretation of “Infierno”, speeding up the original (from 114 to 120 BPM), adding more acid layers, and bringing the theme to a more cosmic-infused realm. ¡Nos gustó! Нам понравилось!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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