301 // Ali X X Ximena – …BLZ NZN

ALI X X Ximena are back on their very own Controlla with an incredible 16-track album!

Libidinous. Lustful. Sexy. Sensual. The list of adjectives to define “…BLZ NZN”, the track we chose to premiere from Ali X X Ximena’s forthcoming and stunning album, “Mextape”, can keep going on and on, but we believe these four qualifiers must suffice to provide you with the big picture of the kind of atmosphere the theme aims to deliver. The closing cut of the bold and spirited “Mextape” carries a delicious Trip Hop aura, bringing the 16-track journey to an end with a sober and soothing melody, something extremely welcome after all the turmoil and havoc established by its predecessors.

The release impresses not only because of the creativity and the resourcefulness depicted by the beloved-by-everyone-all-over-the world Canadian/Mexican duo – who is finally back together to their own imprint after “touring” throughout other vital labels such as Midnight Operators, Playground, and Bottom Forty, just to name a few – but also for its “gangsta” Hip-Hop & Rap attitude. If Ali X and Ximena caught you by surprise with such sonority, it means that you haven’t been paying close attention to the work they have been developing for the last years. You should!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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