322 // Mau Maioli – Salva (Arkade mode Remix)

Brazilian hot stuff Mau Maioli makes his debut on Mélopée Records with three stunning originals and two mighty remixes made with love by Tulioxi & Arkademode.

One of the hottest Brazilian acts of the moment makes his debut on the respected Lyon-based Mélopée Records with a true showcase of his creativity and production skills: Mau Maioli (SXDNS246), despite the young age, is one of these kids who are heavily influenced by the music from the past. This helps to explain his passion for analog synths and Cosmic Disco-infused cuts. In his forthcoming “Runner” EP, he keeps competently exploiting this rich retro-futuristic soundscape delivering three well-constructed originals. And in order to strengthen even more the connection between South America and Europe, the French label invited none other than Italian virtuoso Tulioxi (SXDNS049) and Spanish talent Arkademode (RASTROLIVE007) for the remix duties. Premiered here, the latter’s contribution.

Arkademode, whose previous works appear mainly on Emerald & Doreen and NEIN, also lands on Mélopée for the first time. His interpretation of the fat & trippy “Salva” is definitely one of the highlights of the release. Despite having slowed the theme down (from 123 to 117 BPM), the energy and stamina of the track were not altered. The secret: A stinky and obscene acid layer that brought the original to a less-atmospheric-more-effervescent territory.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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