335 // From Beyond – Datamaskin (Velax Sexual Rave Rework)

Master From Beyond's forthcoming EP on NEIN Records is pure bliss & darkness! Uncommon and Velax complete the party on the remixes duties.

Alex Wastnidge, better known as From Beyond, has been running a quite busy year so far. Having appeared on Mélopée, Boite Music, Paper Disco, and NEIN Records, the high quality of the originals and collaborations of the London/Oslo-based producer is the reason why he is one of the most solicited acts amid the Indie Dance/Nu Disco scene. He is now back on NEIN with “Datamaskin”, a five-track EP presenting three comely originals and two winsome remixes made with love by Velax and Uncommon.

The track we were solicited to review/premiere comes from the creative mind of Alex Twitchy aka Velax. For his interpretation of the title track, the young and rising artist decided to open the Pandora’s box of his darkest influences and twist the original as much as he could in order to deliver something completely different from the other Alex’s work.

While the original shines with a groovy and funky atmosphere, Velax’s Sexual Rave Rework lives up to its title and comes dressed to kill with an EBM-meets-Industrial-meets-Hardcore attitude. The imposing and ominous vocals added to this interpretation cannot go unmentioned.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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