368 // Bright & Morris – New Island Sound (Dawn Chorus Mix)

James Bright & Joe Morris teamed up to deliver some gems for your next Saturday's pool party. Coming soon on Shades Of Sound.

Let’s go Balearic, shall we? The “New Island Sound” EP, coming soon on Shades Of Sound Recordings, is the result of the collaboration between Joe Morris, the label boss himself, and James Bright. The duo delivered three Summer-infused originals devoted to triggering good vibes only in order to soothe and heal troubled souls out there. A plus: Dawn Chorus remix, the track we were solicited to review, closes the EP with a bold, sunrise-soaked interpretation of the dance-floor/pool-party-oriented title track. A trippy and atmospheric version filled with percussive elements, dreamy pads, and mellow synth layers. The nature sounds inserted by DC help us to immerse in a mesmerising and relaxing journey.

The men of the hour, Bright & Morris, manage to bring together the many influences amassed throughout their long careers to deliver a wealthy and diverse tapestry of genres, succeeding in having a characteristic sonority independently of the output: Whether it’s a Balearic gem or an Acid banger, their respective signatures are there. That we do not have to wait so long for another joint effort of the maestros.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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