377 // Void Complet – Dont Wanna

It's time to work your body out with the very first release of the British platform Bodywork. Premiered here, Void Complet's contribution to the VA.

The Bristol-based party series Bodywork releases its first compilation. Devoted to reaching farther and wider audiences spread in gyms and dance floors all over the world, “Flexes 001” gathers an interesting team of up-and-coming, talented producers: David J Bull, Chez De Milo, Void Complet, Sigma Delta, Sensus, and Emmet Read (SXDNS311) broke a sweat and delivered six workout gems that showcase their most notable influences. Expect Disco, House, Techno, EBM, New Wave, Hi-NRG, plus CrossFit anthems.

Music historian Matt Anniss, who was invited to put some words together about Bodywork’s inaugural release, writes about the track we were solicited to premiere: “London-based synth-lover and sometimes Natural Frequency Records contributor Void Complet pushes up the tempo while retaining the mind-altering hedonism that marks out the developing Bodywork sound. His contribution, “Dont Wanna”, sits somewhere between dubbed-out, breakbeat-driven retro-futurism and jazzy, electric piano-fired Deep House”.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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