385 // Laure – Messy Thoughts (Zaatar زَعْتَر Remix)

Laure makes her debut on Enlace Records with a mighty release! On the remix duties, LESSSS and Zaatar زَعْتَر.

The Lille-based label Enlace Records welcomes young and promising producer Laure for its forthcoming release. The interesting “A Confused Mind” comes to life with three well-constructed originals and two insightful remixes made with love by LESSSS and Zaatar زَعْتَر (SXDNS332) and kicks the doors of the dance floors with its bold and energetic attitude. Hailing from Paris, Laure devotes herself to not fluffy genres: From IDM to Industrial Techno with a touch of Acid is what drives her sets and productions. Harshness with a proper dose of emotion and progressiveness define her sonority.

The track we were solicited to premiere/review comes from the mind of another young and promising French talent: Zaatar زَعْتَر is also a member of the dark side of music club. Her debut piece on La Bonne Fête drew the attention of the Indie Dance/Dark Disco community and kicked off her producing career in style.

Her revision of “Messy Thoughts” brings the theme to a more EBM realm – get used to it, that’s how she likes it. With a raw and intense atmosphere, Zaatar’s interpretation comes with heavy doses of darkness and misbehaviour provoked mainly by its robust bassline, a menacing synth layer, and a sort of melodic gait.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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