390 // Moozeic & Veltrán – Electrowave

Moozeic & Veltrán teamed up and managed to deliver a must-have EP for the fans of the dark side of music out there.

Brazil and Mexico went to a bar, got some caipirinhas and tequila shots, and delivered a couple of tipsy Dark Disco gems. The end!

Joking aside, we are referring here to the result of the interesting collaboration between Moozeic, a cool Brazilian duo formed by Joici Borges and Manuella Wintrich, and Mexican superhero and label owner Veltrán: Forthcoming on the rising São Paulo-based Neurokat Records, “Electrowave” comes with two dark as hell originals and three insightful remixes made with love by a super trio of South American talents: Colombian producer Lu Zero, Uruguayan virtuoso Imanol, and Argentinian artisan Pankote.

Premiered here, the title track, yes, pays a tribute to the namesake genre through its rawness and experimentation. There is absolutely no fluffiness here, especially when you notice that an EBM-meets-Industrial gait was also added to the concoction. “Electrowave” is heavy, dirty, relentless, and fierce. If you thought the aforementioned and made-up bar was at a sunny and breezy beach, you couldn’t be more wrong. It was in a filthy basement packed with sweaty and entangled bodies immersed in the darkness of the intended aura delivered by this bold theme. Kudos, ladies and gentleman!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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