395 // Keith Holland – Incógnita

We reviewed this super cool track by Keith Holland coming soon on Buttress Records. Take a peek, will you?

Releasing a compilation is not an easy task. Releasing a compilation series is an even harder one. Reaching the 10th volume of a compilation series is an extremely valuable accomplishment! And that’s exactly what we have here: The 10th episode of the “Cross Vault” VA series, coming soon on the Berlin-based label Buttress Records. Doing the honours, four rising and promising artists scattered throughout our little crazy and doomed world, unrelated, distant, but not disconnected: Alexey Union (Russia), Keith Holland (Brazil), Lerr (Montenegro), and Tayga (Italy), independently of their backgrounds and soundscapes, share a strong passion for high-quality underground electronic music – and that was exactly what they brought to the party.

The track we selected to review/premiere comes all the way from South America: From São Paulo, Brazil, to be more precise. Keith Holland, before signing his first release, has done a proper homework by learning and grasping the gist of music production for two years. The result is a fresh take on what he has been listening to during his fifteen-year career as a DJ.

For Buttress, he brought to evidence his signature sonority and cooked something very similar to his debut track on Innervisions’ “Secret Weapons Part 14.1”: Raw and distorted synth layers paired with beautifully arpeggiated leads and accompanied by groovy percussive elements. An infallible recipe that tends to catapult the career of the Paulistano artist.

And for the Brazilian friends who happen to bump into this review, an important message: FUCK BOLSONARO!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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