417 // Vini Pistori Feat. Abrão – C’mon, Great Days (Original Mix)

Vini Pistori and Abrão teamed up again! This time for their debut on the solid Greek label Glory Hill Studio. Check it out!

Owner of a peculiar and interesting sonority that seamlessly encompasses his many an influence, Vini Pistori is another young and skilled Brazilian producer with a solid string of well-constructed releases that we have the opportunity to get familiar with: Reviewing a track from “Great Days”, his forthcoming EP on Athens-based label and community Glory Hill Studio, came with the perk of allowing us to explore his previous endeavours and find a few gems for our private collection of, yes, gems. Secret Fusion, Internasjonal, Calypso, Cocada Music, and Levels Rec are some of the imprints on which you can find his most appealing cuts.

For the optimistic “Great Days”, Vini came up with three stunning originals infused with a plethora of cosmic vibes and danceability. Premiered here, the title track counts with the valuable collaboration of the seasoned and respected musician, singer, and songwriter Abrão, whose prior works came out on Rebirth, Duro, Correspondant, I’m A Cliché, and Sony Music México/ORIANNA, just to name a few – multiple of them along with the beloved by all duo Red Axes (SXDNS020), by the way. Two generations of Brazilian pure talent who joined forces to create a must-have tune for the lovers of Nu Disco/Indie Dance out there. The highlights: A bouncing bassline, percussive elements, space FXs, and Abrão’s remarkable vocals.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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