431 // NZM 99 – Requiem Of Art (Meshes Remix)

Take a peek at this H-O-T remix by Meshes for the next NZM 99's release on the London-based label Khoinix. It's pure fire!

The word “Incendiary” is defined as “(something) designed to cause fires”. And this was the first impression we had when listened to the remix Armenian producer Fedor Feoktistov aka Meshes did for the title track of the forthcoming release on the British label and event series Khoinix. Lyon-based artist NZM 99 brought to life three hell-flame-infused cuts and invited some friends for the remix duties: Besides Meshes, The Undertaker’s Tapes and NOTAUSGANG also delivered fiery interpretations of the already too-hot-to-trot originals.

Let’s focus on the man of the hour and the remixer we chose to premiere, shall we? Both NZM 99 and Meshes have a sonority that is intended to wreak havoc on packed dance floors. Featuring a fusion of Industrial, EBM, Dark Techno, and Dark Disco, the work of the young talents is far, far away from fluffy, it simply does not fit with pool parties and beach clubs, but with dirty basements and clandestine venues/raves. Kudos!

For his take of “Requiem Of Art”, Meshes started speeding things up a little bit, from 130 to 132 BPM. A small, but essential change to help him reach his goal (setting things ablaze). Most of the main elements from the original were kept, however, Meshes’ touch brought the theme to a more energetic and less riotous path, turning it less chaotic and, yeah, more incendiary!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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