468 // Nightdrive – Injudicious Chillbass

Russian producer Nightdrive lands on Kyma Komplex with an eclectic and insightful album.

The rising & shining Mexican label Kyma Komplex has not been fomenting only the local underground music scene. The scope of its interesting catalogue has already reached international lands by featuring artists from many corners of this crazy and doomed world of ours. Doing the honours for its forthcoming episode, Nightdrive and his well-constructed nine-track album (yes, originals only) help to expand Kyma’s reach this time to Russia.

With a vast and eclectic output, the skilled Saint Petersburg producer shows competence and creativity by successfully flirting with a plethora of different genres. From Electro to Leftfield, from Acid to Techno, perusing his creations is definitely a journey through his many an influence. No fluffy music, though. Darkness and introspectiveness set the tone.

Premiered here, the trippy & groovy “Injudicious Chillbass” develops its message, first, through its mesmerising bassline and, second, dreamy pad layer. Plus: The vocal hook and the percussive elements bring a savoury House-ish aura to the theme.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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