524 // So.undso – Gedränge Vor Der Fähre (Jorginho Joao Remix)

Fiery remix by Jorginho Joao for So.undso's forthcoming appearance on Dance Petrol Records.

We have already said it before in one of our premieres, let’s say it again: There are MANY interesting labels and outstanding artists out there that are still flying under the radar. Acclaimed by their local communities but still not nation/worldwide sought, they keep fighting the good fight either aiming to become rich & famous or keeping things simple & easy, just to make other people smile for a while with their craft.

Dance Petrol Records is one of these labels. With an incredible catalogue featuring high-quality House Music and its sub-genres, we can safely bet you’d find proper gems after only a few minutes of browsing their rich collection of releases.

So.undso is one of these artists. The German duo are the co-owners of Dance Petrol and can’t get enough of handing over top-shelf material not only on their own outlet but also on international imprints such as AWK, Lisztomania, and Inhale Exhale, just to name a few.

The remixer is no different: Munich-based Jorginho Joao, the other boss of DPR, makes good use of refined production expertise and sharp creativity to bring to life frenzied peak-time House Music themes.

So.undso’s “Alte Spuren”, released originally in May this year, comes back to the shelves with its “Refueled” version featuring fangy remixes by Schegg, A_P_F_L, and of course, Jorginho Joao, who brought “Gedränge Vor Der Fähre” to a different turf: If the original is a melodic and trippy 106 BPM beauty, JJ’s 130-BPM interpretation is definitely a frenzied and lively beast.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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