543 // Ledi Cannit – Schätzchen (Lucas Novaes Remix)

Ledi Cannit debut EP is coming hot on Kyma Komplex. Check it out the super remix Lucas Novaes made for the occasion and get delighted!

There are so many outstanding new talents out there! Fortunately, some labels have the philosophy to open their eyes and ears to peruse amongst dozens (and dozens) of demos in order to scout new faces who will have the opportunity to present their fresh vision of dance-floor-oriented electronic music to break the same old, same old cycle out there.

Kyma Komplex is one of these labels. Focusing on showcasing the work of skilled producers scattered throughout Latin America, occasionally opening the doors for across-the-pond wizards, the Mexican imprint is never afraid of betting on still-unknown names to enrich its growing catalogue with the work of future stars.

Take Ledi Cannit, for instance. The Turkish virtuosa appears for the third time on Kyma and this time delivering her very first EP ever, featuring two well-constructed originals and three ace remixes made with love by Lucas Novaes, Dikitnet, and Chico Vento.

Premiered here, Lucas Novaes’ interpretation of “Schätzchen” brings the opening theme to another realm. While the original is a true Cosmic Disco experience, the remix goes in another direction, despite keeping much of the zero-gravity aura, with its 129-BPM peak-time gait.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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