553 // KIKOK – Cacao Beach (Moonoton Remix)

Check out this super remix by Moonoton for KIKOK's debut EP on Spazio.

The second episode of the new Moscow-based imprint Spazio is coming hot! After the super 12-track debut VA published in March this year, the Russian label – creative team, and party series – brings to light its very first EP. Doing the honours, Pavel Fedoseev aka KIKOK and his “Cacao Beach” featuring three Summer-infused originals and two spot-on remixes made with love by Moonoton and Yakovets.

Hailing from Perm, a Russian city close to the Ural Mountains and home to rare snow leopards and Amur tigers, KIKOK has solid works published on Magnetron Music, Electric Shapes, and Spazio itself. The mastermind behind the remix we selected to premiere, Andrey Moonoton, in turn, is an ex-member of St. Petersburg duo Andrei & Eleanora. Now stationed in Moscow, his eclectic 80s/90s-soaked sonority has been published on Permanent Vacation, Tigers On A Leash, IDA, and… drum roll, please… Spazio!

For his take on the title track, Moonoton started to administer his magic touch by tweaking the BPM (from 126 to 130) and then adding heavy doses of percussive elements. The biting arpeggios plus the 90s-ish frenzied aura he introduced brought even more drive to his version and the result is definitely one of the highlights of the release.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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