586 // Dombrance – Copé (Josh Ludlow Remix)

Josh Ludlow cooked a hellish remix for Master Dombrance. Coming soon on Disc-o-lypso.

Owner of a sonority that encompasses an insightful combination of influences from the likes of Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, Moroder, Soulwax, and Vitalic, Dombrance has been shaking the world with the energy of his live concerts, the elegance of his suits, and the gravity of his moustache.

The skilled French multi-instrumentalist and live electronic act finally kicks off his 2024 release season with a stunning collection of gems: Featuring two fangy originals and eight fabulous remixes made with love by a true dream team of collaborators, “Double Trouble”, coming soon on Disc-o-lypso, represents the end of his 5-year cycle of naming his songs after politicians in order to “create characters and give a fun visual identity to each song”, according to Dombrance himself. Talented visual artist Olivier Laude was the chosen one to bring to life the graphics for the interesting concept.

Dombrance explains the titles of “the final bouquet”: First, “‘Bayrou’, who thought he finally came to power with Macron, but had to leave the government barely after entering it, indicted for embezzlement of public funds”, and second “‘Copé’, who disappeared suddenly from circulation after publicly mistaking the price of a pain au chocolat.” – Music & politics, dinosaurs like this combination.

On board the “Double Trouble” bus, François K, Lindstrøm, Daniele Baldelli & Dionigi, Rigopolar, DiskJokke, Freudenthal (SXDNS063) (with two, not one insertion), and Josh Ludlow spared no efforts and brought the best of their games for the occasion. Premiered here, the latter’s contribution.

The rising and competent London-based producer, with well-received previous appearances on Defected, Distrokid, XCESS, Soundway, and Disc-o-lypso itself, used breakbeat and acid elements for his take on “Copé” and the result is a frenzied cosmic early-Electro-infused cut as peak-time as the original. Kudos!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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