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003 // DJ Rocca

Luca Roccatagliati aka DJ Rocca has been for many years one of the most prolific and most requested multi-genre producers of our generation. The list of artists and labels he has already collaborated with is endless… And he shows no sign he is going to stop anytime soon! Lucky us!

SXDNS: At first, thank you very much for supporting our platform one more time. It is very kind of you and an honour for us to have such an important artist on board our small project. I’d like to start with a very silly question: Do you have any idea of how many tracks you have already released?

DR: Yes, of course… I got my personal catalogue with one copy of each. Maybe I forgot some digital releases, but the physical ones are all under control in my collection.

SXDNS: Do you have a favourite track of yours? That tune you yourself like to sit down, pour a glass of wine, press play, relax, and enjoy it? If so, which one is it?

DR: So many… and it depends when I’m listening. This week could be one track, last week it was another, and next week another one. At this moment I love to listen to the remix of “For One Touch” I did a few years ago for Justin Robertson.


SXDNS: It is a great remix, indeed. Of all the artists you have already collaborated with, who are your favourites? And is there anyone you still haven’t worked with but would like to? Who?

DR: There aren’t any favorites, all the artists I collaborated have a personal soul that is different, and so rich to drive me in a different world. Of course, I’d love to collaborate with stellar artists that I love, like it was a dream… if I can tell only one name is of course Herbie Hancock.

SXDNS: Besides more and more releases, what’s next for DJ Rocca? Any plans you can anticipate for us?

DR: Just out now there’s a re-edit I did for my close roman friends at Samosa Records. My ‘Da Lion groove’ included in the 2 x 12” Funk Purpose Vol.3. Next one is a 12” for balearic label Claremont 56. It’s a collaboration track with talented musician Leo Almunia, already out a couple of years ago on Really Swing label but remixed by Deep88 for this 2020 Claremont release.

On the rest of the year gonna be out some other releases which I’m very proud of… a collaboration 12” with my friend Chris Coco, on Faze Action’s label, with a remix from Faze Action themselves! Another 12” out in summer on US label Whiskey Disco with 2 originals and one Chicken Lips Remix, plus a 12” on the balearic label Cala Tarida Musica.

On my personal 4Quarti label, a label owned together with my close friend Folpower, it’s gonna be out soon a new 7” with a Disco remix we done for the amazing US Soul singer Jay Nemor. Also with Soul Clap guys, there’s a DJ Rocca boogie track on their New Direction in Funk 7” series US Soul singer Cunnie Williams out in the next months.

On the remixes duty, on Howie B’s Pussyfoot records, it is out next month a remix to my brother Ian Simmonds, also a remix for Afterlife in June on Subatomic label and for the record store day a 12” with a remix I did with Baldelli on the new wave classic ‘The Promise’ by When in Rome.

SXDNS: Simply WOW! When you are not working in your studio, what does bored Luca like to do?

DR: I like to cook, meditate, and take long walks in the nature.

SXDNS: Are you reading any interesting book at the moment?

DR: Yes, I’m reading for second time the Herbie Hancock biography. Super interesting and very inspiring.

SXDNS: How do you see the current moment of electronic music production? Do you think it is beneficial to the scene the fact that literally everyone one with a laptop can become a producer?

DR: I think it’s a great moment for electronic music production. Obviously, it is awesome that everyone could do music with professional sounds with little money, but the rule is always the same… if you’re talented your music is good and help everyone to grown, but if you’re not talented, your music is shit and don’t help the scene at all.

SXDNS: And what about the social networks? Are they important for your work? Or do you think you would achieve the same level of recognition without using them?

DR: I have a relationship of hate and love with social networks… it seems that you’re forced to propose your work on them, but it is also a benefit, because it’s as if it were your personal newspaper that is delivered to thousands of people, with all the news about your business. Personally, I’ve worked over the years more on the quality and perseverance of my works in music, rather than appearing on social networks with my personal life, and I think that a mix between the two helped my exposure.

SXDNS: How do you manage to be so abundantly prolific and eclectic without compromising the quality of your work?

DR: I am very strict with myself, and I always love to test myself. I am the son of a land with roots in the peasant tradition, so I was educated to take work very seriously, and always trying to improve its quality. Plus: I have a big curiosity, which stimulates myself to explore new music languages, new sounds.

SXDNS: What is your top five? Independently of the genre, what are your favourite tracks of all times?

DR: This is my top five in this moment, and of course next week could be totally different.

Follow DJ Rocca on SoundCloud and check the incredible selection he prepared for our mixtape series, peeps!

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