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Another DJ duo on board, peeps! This time directly from Ukraine: Limpodisco started drawing attention when their first tracks popped up on online retailers in the first semester of 2018. Get ready for 2 hours of proper groove!

Limpopo is a magic state in a hot and sultry terrain. The sound that is heard from it encourages you to dance and be happy.

And now the duo of two synthesists – Sanyo Filippov and Juliya Presnyakova – passed the way from Limpopo to more unique-named Limpodisco: just for the best googling in XXI-th new Instaera.

Communicating with universal music language, Limpodisco, like the Voyager, brings to Space the set of messages by the names of tracks and in the lyrics. Starting from ‘Hard Balls EP’, guys came to the fitting-right tune ‘From Disco to Underground’ and from ‘Doggy Style’ to ‘Girls Will be Boys’.

Limpodisco are playing ‘college-disco’ swings (so fancy they call their style) because it’s close & clear to everyone. ‘College disco’ touches each person, like the first french kiss.

Juliya and Sanyo were born in USSR-ish Ukraine. That’s why their production sounds are not only firmly savage and terrific but with bright romantic feels, like from weird and noisy imperfect Soviet-times.

To shoot this press shot, Limpodisco interviewed themselves because Julia and Sanyo are professional journalists. So now they do the most difficult work in the world — talking about ourselves.

For the last year, the guys collaborated in releases with Rayko, James Rod, Hotmood, Situation and got signed by top and lovely labels: Midnight Riot, Spa in Disco, Golden Soul, Thunder Jam, Good Stuff Recordings and a really long list of supernice fellowship.

So, party mode on – Limpodisco is on the way! Try it to be wet and sexy!

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