008 // Agrabah

DJs must be keen researchers, and Agrabah takes this very seriously. Her ability to seamlessly combine different kinds of music turns her into a talent to watch... and listen.

Resident DJ and producer of Gatopardø and Voloop, Ágatha Prado is the name behind the Agrabah project. Her sets and productions vary from Disco, House and Techno to regional popular music. Her sound style is characterized by tribal percussion, explosive medium and high frequencies, expansive grooves and sharp bass.

Agrabah has performed at parties such as Sounds In Da City and Trip To Deep, as well as at the international project Love Foundation Global in Curitiba, Brazil.

Recently she had her tracks released by the labels Casa Caos, Trip To Deep, Gold Dome and Gatopardø, where she released her new EP – Evoé.

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