023 // Mr. Fonk

Smile For A While's boss, Mr. Fonk, made us smile, but for a long time, with his amazing set. 1h of proper House Music, combining "a few bangers and some classics, Panorama Bar influenced", in his own words.

Mr. Fonk has been listening to electronic music since 1991 and DJing for 18 years now. He’s playing a rough mix of old-school House & Tek with a little bit of black magic. Smile For A While is his label & party series in Berlin + sublabel All That Jelly.

Mr. Fonk was born in Nuremberg, Germany, in the year 1979 and soon came in touch not only with the music of the 80s: Wave, New Romantic, Italo Disco but also with genuine Radio Pop, the genres which began to inspire him.

His love for music started to strengthen through House & Techno during the 1990s. This special, subcultural scene was exactly what he had always been looking for. Regularly visiting clubs like mach 1 in Nuremberg, Ultraschall in Munich, U60311 in Frankfurt or Stammheim in Kassel, that pleasure grew deeper. By the year 2000 he made his first steps behind the turntables.

Between 2001 and 2005, he was playing gigs throughout Germany – Harry Klein in Munich, ARM in Kassel, Hirsch and Zoom Club in Nuremberg, Orange in Stuttgart or Kunstwerk in Cologne, just to name a few. In 2005 he made a completely new start in Frankfurt. There he played in almost all of the small & big clubs like U60311, MTW, Tanzhaus West, Silbergold, Rockmarket, Ruderclub, LIDO etc.

Still in Frankfurt, Mr. Fonk started the Smile For A While party series, in 2011 – together with his partner in crime D.Soul. Parties in well-established clubs, illegal open airs and off-location Raves saw gigs of innovative international acts like I:Cube, Vakula, Move D, Iron Curtis, Anonym, etc. The next step was a record label, releasing music of long term friends but also of young newcomers from Frankfurt. Since the start in 2013 there have been tracks of acts like Johannes Albert, Matthieu Faubourg, San Laurentino, Cassius, Monosoul, Janis and many others.

Mr. Fonk’s versatile, genre-crossing sound reflects his passion for music. It’s not about playing hits en masse or about copying the latest musical trends. It’s about providing a challenging, timeless listening and dancing experience and about sharing positive emotions in a safe club space, where people feel free to go crazy. His sets are taking the crowd on a journey, into sound, time and space, featuring pumping House Music, straight Techno, funky Disco and more likely, everything in between…

In August 2015 Mr. Fonk moved to Berlin and has been frequently playing in clubs like ://about blank, Kit Kat, Chalet, Polygon, Loftus Hall and many others. It’s that groove that won’t stop…

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