028 // The Robot Scientists

Dinosaurs are famous for loving robots and scientists. That's why we could not be happier for finally having on board The Robot Scientists. The Emerald & Doreen Recordings bosses' music is Something Spæcial, and we are sure you will dig it as much as we do.

The Robot Scientists are two German DJs, record collectors and “super selectors” Markus Schneider and Stefan Maurer, the guys behind Emerald & Doreen Records and the acclaimed SOMETHING SPÆCIAL DJ podcast series.

They are known for their energetic DJ sets somewhere between Electronic/Space Disco, Deep Tech-House and New Wave. As kids of the 80s, you can hear the influences of that iconic decade in all their mixes and in most of the stuff they put out on their boutique label.

The highly energetic mix they made for our series features more peak time tracks, after their recent mixes for Oberwave and Hippies 2.0, which were more Dark Disco and Cosmic Balearic/Chill Out.

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