035 // Ka§par

Ka§par was under our dino radar for quite some time, and his enthusiasm for being part of our project made the entire team really happy. Do you like true Deep House? If so, this exclusive mixtape is for you!

Ka§par has dedicated most of his life to the study and development of original danceable beat patterns, soul-soothing chords, bumpin’ basslines, sharp stabs, smart vocal samples, smart vocal songs, precise sound engineering and musical transcendence.

Now in his mid-thirties, his is a long and rich history: as a kid, his father fed him a diet of Folk, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Dub, Hip Hop and Kraut Electronics, Ka§par discovered house music when the likes of Inner City, KLF, Future Sound Of London and LFO were banging the Top Of The Pops chart. He was 14 when he got his first paid gig and by the time he was 17 he was resident at Frágil, Portugal’s most exclusive dance club, an experience that would take him on a 14-year long journey until the club’s recent demise.

In 2005 Ka§par joined the finest talents in the world to represent Portugal at the Red Bull Music Academy, held in Seattle. As a producer, he has worked with some of the finest electronic labels in the world like Clone, Midnight Shift, Finale Sessions, Stripped & Chewed and many others.

His DJing took him all around the world, and his production lead him to work with amazing artists, such as Larry Heard, Kirk DeGiorgio, DJ Nature and Gerd.

His keen sense of community-led him to start or be involved in starting over half a dozen record labels in Portugal, the latter is 2018’s PERCEBES MÚSICA. With PERCEBES, Ka§par and his friends aim to cut on wax some of Portugal’s most obscure yet mind-blowing talents.

Finally, Ka§par is also a renowned music instructor and teacher in the daytime, and a bar owner at night, curating and managing Suave Bar in Bairro Alto, Lisbon’s dearest nightlife hood.

Still celebrating the release of Percebes’ second release “Epicurismo”, Ka§par picks and mixes for us some of the hottest current tracks from friends and family to showcase how this record fits well in the zeitgeist of 2018.

A few cuts from his record on Percebes, and some from other labels (like Finale Sessions or Escapade) sparkle through a myriad of tracks from all over the world, made by people who have similar mindsets… a real who’s who of interesting creators in the field we reluctantly and carefully still call House… or, to reference the greatest, “The Music Often Also Known As House”.

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