041 // Xâm

Another French artist touches down on our project! Ladies & gentlemen, we present you Xâm! A fine young Lyonnais talent who is currently living in Mexico and drew our attention due to his (already) vast music expertise - which he wisely used to properly curate an impressive selection for us!

Native from Lyon (FR), Maxime Mérigot aka Xâm is a producer and DJ who released his first track on Abyss recording label based in Manchester (UK). Thanks to his experience as a resident DJ, he developed his productions with confidence on CBR rec and the well-known techno label A R T S.

A great collector of electronic music, he keeps on digging through styles to provide alternative and diverse music from Synthwave to Techno. Currently living in Mexico City, he continues to explore organic and melodic textures to deliver a powerful and emotional energy during his sets.

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