040 // Corps Obscur

Let there be... darkness! French duo Corps Obscur lands on our platform bringing a plethora of fresh & gloomy sounds, full of heavy synths, intense basslines and provocative percussion. A combination of sonorities that will make you embrace the dark side of music once and for all.

Corps Obscur is a duo composed of Geric Alonzo and Paul Blot. Two tormented souls who met with a shared passion: Techno music.

They started playing a very dark and minimal Techno, and are now evolving to slower and more hypnotic music characterized by a lot of dark synth waves mixed with tribal beats and acid grooves. They usually begin with disco sonority to slowly sink into the abyss. You should see them as dark fantasies storytellers.

Present on the Parisian underground scene, this duo favourite atmospheres are warehouses and old stone quarries. Based between Paris and the Basque Country, they played for Pyk-Asso, Explore Rec, Garbure Music, Sens Dessus Dessous, Art’Fact and others…

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