049 // Tulioxi

Tulioxi is one of those artists that “everybody is playing”, and it has been happening for quite some time now. The consistency of his work is the result of being not only a skilled musician but also a restless artist, who is always in search of reinventing himself.

Tulioxi is one of the new great personalities of the Italian Nu Disco Scene. He Has published at least thirty works, among EP’s, singles and collaborations with other artists.

Tulioxi has established himself as one of the most interesting talents of the new Italian Disco Scene for the last 10 years. His Works are well respected amid the international community of Indie Disco Artists and his name has been circulating into the inner circle of DJs and producers from all over the world.

He is the classic kind of artist that is loved by other artists without being well-known by the regular people out there. Well, things have been changing a lot in the last couple of years. Tulioxi seems to begin being recognized in a more extended way and he is now an important figure in the music community.

For the last decade, his released music shows how creative and prolific he is, keeping his productions at a very high level in terms of originality and experimentation, and his search for a personal sound is confirmed in every new work.

He is one of the masterminds behind Cosmic Sumo Recordings and one of the developers of MEFF, the annual Modular synthesizer Exhibition Fair in Florence, tied to the brand Tiptop Audio, one of the most popular synth module manufacturers in Eurorack format.

Tulioxi has been playing for at least 20 winters and has spent most of this time chasing himself, between a project and another, an apparently endless chase, once he still thinks he has never found himself.

His performances are a hyperdynamic fusion of Acid Basslines, Cosmic Funk and Space Disco driven by mad and constant research.

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