050 // Tronik Youth

Our 50th episode brings a very dear guest! Tronik Youth, Nein Records supreme boss, made a special selection of massive dance floor bombs for us! The atmosphere he expertly created for his set is just a small sample of one of his finest qualities: Proper curation skills.

Tronik Youth is Neil Parnell, a well-respected DJ, producer and label boss of Nein Records in the UK. Tronik has released numerous singles and around 100 remixes over the last decade, with current singles Psycho Bubble and The Shaker still in many DJs‘ bags and on Beatport charts. He is about to release his second album called Neon Disease. He has also released an album of ambient/drone music under his own name to strong acclaim this year, and his debut album Youth Is Wasted On The Young, featuring Factory Floor’s Gabe Gurnsey on drums, was released in July 2015.

The Nein record label he owns and runs includes esteemed artists such as Rodion, Black Light Smoke, Roe Deers, Daniele Baldelli, DJ Rocca, Cabaret Nocturne, Two Mamarrachos, Emperor Machine, Antoni Miaovvi, Gemini Brothers, Man Power, Heretic and Curses. He was voted in the top 30 artists of 2016 on Beatport’s Indie Dance Genre and his label was on the website top ten labels. Nein was also in Resident Advisors top 100 charted labels for 2016.

Last year he did successful tours in the USA, Mexico and Australia, also performed in numerous festivals including the well-respected Love International Festival in Croatia. He and his Label will be had their own stage at the 2018 Alfresco Festival in the UK and also at Yaga Festival in Lithuania as part of their 5th-anniversary tour.

2018 saw him celebrate Nein’s fifth year with a compilation called Nein To Five, consisting of all-new tracks. His work in the last year includes collaborations and remixes with Tunnel Signs and The Hacker.

Tronik Youth hosts the regular Nein Records flagship radio show on Cowbell, whereby each month the label selects a special guest mix. The show is already fast becoming a popular place for world premieres and a hub for social media frenzy.

Eccentric and unpredictable, this artist remains at the top of his game, signing the best underground talent from Europe to Nein Records, releasing pure quality, evident in all the Tronik Youth productions, mixes and DJ sets.

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