054 // Moo Moonster

Moo Moonster’s sonority is not unique because of the remarkable selection of Synthwave, Retrowave, Italo Disco and other genres he manages to deftly combine in his sets, but because of the energetic intensity. Such intensity can also be found in his solid productions and applies a kind of trademark in his work.

Moo Moonster started his passion for music perusing his father’s record collection, consisting of punk, pop, disco and techno. Through the years, he started perfecting his DJ techniques and music taste. However, it was not until the year 2000 that his career took off when he worked as a music journalist for the magazine Deejaymania, where he wrote reports on great artists such as Justice, Tiga, 2ManyDJs, DJ Hell etc.

As a producer, his retro-futuristic sound has taken him to labels like Nein Records, Shara Music, Tom Tom Disco and Italian Records, with the support by artists like Perel, Curses, Gemini Brothers, Punks Jump Up, Emperor Machine, Plastique de Reve, Blende, Xinobi, Jarle Brathen, Younger Than Me…

As a DJ, his eclectic sessions are based on a good mix of electro and disco flavour, all dressed in a very peculiar sonic fashion. With this style, Moo Moonster has taken his record case to clubs like Carne/Kill (Madrid), Moroder Sound Club (Madrid), Danceteria (Barcelona), Mondo (Madrid), The Warehouse (Madrid), Razzmatazz (Barcelona), Sabotage (Berlin), Pacha (Madrid), Invitro (Bogota), Nylon Club (Valencia), Tokio (Bogota) and Moss Club (Murcia).

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