055 // Weird Like Us

Oh boy, we were missing Mexico and its amazing artists! Weird Like Us kept the tradition of their fellow countrymen previously featured on our platform and provided an astonishing selection for us.

Weird Like Us is an emerging duo from the City of Puebla, Mexico. Co-formed by Gael Juárez and Armando Ramírez aka Horreur, in a short time they have been placed on the international scene for their particular style of production and mixing, having releases on labels such as Night Noise (Holland), Nein Records (England), ESTHÉTIQUE (France) and Maleante Records (Mexico), besides various mixtapes for European blogs. The union of these two different artists have composed a multifaceted project with dark, elegant, multicultural influences and, above all, worthy of the rhythm WEIRD that seeks to blow up the dance floor.

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