057 // GÁME

The third Mexican artist in a row is the final proof Sexy Dinosaurs do love some 'caliente' music! This time, we present you GÁME, another tremendous artist who kindly supported us with a dazzling DJ set.

GÁME began to relate to the art of mixing electronic music at an early age. He considers himself a Hip Hop and Neo-Soul fan and his obsession with music led him to become the DJ/audiophile he is today.

After founding The People, GÁME has established a style that is deeply marked with melodies, drums and rhythms that will surely move you from your place, eclectic sounds that challenge even the most trained ear, transmitting vibes and telling stories through his sets, which always end up giving a musical show where the goal is to change the perception of nightlife through new audiosensory experiences.

2018 marked the release of his first EP at The People, which has been rocking the dance floors of Monterrey and Playa del Carmen for quite some time now.

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