056 // Theus Mago

Having the support of the one and only Theus Mago means that we have been doing something right, doesn't it? One of the most influential Mexican producers of the moment provided an astonishing set for our project.

Theus Mago is the alter ego of established Mexican producer Mateo González. Responsible for dance music projects such as Bufi (Kitsuné/Discotexas) and Sonido Fantasma (Turbo Recordings), Mateo is also co-head of label Duro.

This new side of Mateo is a consequence of the urge to explore and experiment freely with a darker and more atmospheric side, focusing on the beat as a simple pulse that drives a cloud of beautiful noise. Despite its short life, Theus Mago has already earned support from big names on the scene, such as Solomon, who included “Ritmo Extraterrestre” in several of his 2015 presentations. It also has attracted the ears and attention of important record labels such as Kill The DJ (Chloe and Ivan Smagghe’s label) and Correspondant (Jennifer Cardini’s label).

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