071 // Alex Azary

Alex Azary, the mastermind behind the MOMEM - Museum Of Modern Electronic Music -, is one of the most respected e-music Frankfurter artists and enthusiasts.

Born and raised in Frankfurt, cultural activist Alex Azary is one of the bedrocks of the city’s music and club scene. Being a long-time friend and companion of Sven Väth since the beginning of the 80s, he witnessed and experienced the awakening of the international electronic movement during the 90s. Together with Sven, he toured the world, playing at all major festivals and cult clubs across the globe.

Besides being known as DJ and Producer, the list of ground-breaking nationally and internationally acclaimed projects, clubs, events and companies he is responsible for seems to be endless and includes Frankfurt cult clubs XS, Royal, Dorian Gray, Technoclub, Euphoria, Holy X Mas Rave, Frontpage Magazine, AMV Distribution, ICM Music Publishing, A.I.M., G.E.M., Elektrolux, Elux Records, Mikrolux, Phono Elements, psi49net, PV Records, Hey Babe!, Space Night, Flowmotion… and many, many others. His contributions to the club culture and the development of electronic music can’t be underestimated. He really is one of the true innovators and pioneers of the movement.

His latest project is perfectly summing up his experiences in those domains: with MOMEM – Museum Of Modern Electronic Music, which will open later this year in Frankfurt, he is founding the world’s first museum for electronic music and club culture. Still, one of his driving impulses remains his passion and interest in new and innovative music and sounds. That’s why he never really gave up on following and playing the music he loves, which made him do what he did.

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